2 Mistakes To Avoid While Going Through Mediation For Your Divorce

If you and your estranged spouse are going through a divorce, you may have decided to go through mediation to try to settle everything out of court. If so, make sure to avoid the following mistakes, while going through mediation, so you do not lose your focus.

Scheduling Mediation on a Day with Other Obligations

Most likely, the days when your mediation meetings occur will be emotionally and mentally exhausting. Because of these circumstances, one mistake you should avoid is setting up the meetings on a day when you have other pressing obligations or appointments that follow later in the day.

If you have an upcoming appointment after the mediation meeting, your stress level may increase because you are also thinking about what needs to be done to prepare for whatever is coming later in the day. You could lose focus during your mediation and possibly forget to discuss important information.

While setting up your meetings, have your calendar out, so you can find a day when nothing is scheduled. Having the mediation on a day when your schedule is open ensures that you go into the meeting with a clear head, so you can fully concentrate while discussing you and your estranged spouse's requests and grievances.

Showing Up Without the Right Paperwork

Once you have scheduled your meeting, you will then want to make sure you are properly prepared. Showing up without all of the right paperwork could either delay the proceedings or result in a ruling in favor of your estranged spouse.

Give yourself a few days before the meeting to gather together any pertinent paperwork that you would like to discuss during the mediation. This paperwork could include mortgage papers, vehicle titles, and bank statements.

If you are planning on requesting alimony or child support, you should also create a budget statement showing your income and expenditures. Having a budget written out on paper can give you something to show the mediator and your estranged spouse the exact amount needed.

These numbers can help your case better than abstract claims. Because you will have the numbers written down, you can rely on logic, instead, to prove your point and help you stay focused on the facts.

Avoiding the above mistakes while going through divorce mediation can help you stay calm and focused during the meetings. If you have any further questions on how to prepare yourself, contact the divorce mediator who will be overseeing the proceedings, and seek their advice on what should do to get ready for the mediation meetings.

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