Four Steps Towards Placing Your Baby For Adoption

You've recently discovered that you are unexpectedly pregnant, but know that you cannot move forward with keeping and raising the baby. If this is the case, a great option to consider would be adoption. While it may seem like an overwhelming decision with an unsure way of how to get started, it's helpful to know of the following four general steps to help you through the process:

  1. Go to the Doctor: First things first, you must go to your OBGYN. This confirms the pregnancy medically and helps to start your first steps towards a healthy pregnancy, which is important even when placing the baby for adoption. Besides, prospective families are going to want to know about the health of the baby, as well as your health history. This is going to help you get through your pregnancy in a healthy manner anyway, which is important for your overall well being once you deliver the baby. 
  2. Visit an Adoption Coordinator: Meeting with adoption coordinator is an important step even if you aren't entirely made up about the decision to go through with adoption. An adoption coordinator is going to help you understand how the process is going to work to clear up any confusion that you might have. From here, your adoption coordinator is basically going to be your guide through your entire pregnancy and act like a counselor, as well if you ever have any concerns at some point. 
  3. Create an Adoption Plan: Adoption plans are going to vary depending on what you want from it. For example, you might want a closed adoption meaning that there will be no contact between you and the child or you might want an open adoption, which means you will be allowed visits with the child, as well as open communication. You can go over the benefits and downsides to both with your adoption coordinator. 
  4. Choose an Adoptive Family: Once you have an adoption plan in mind, you will go through the process of choosing an adoptive family that can meet these needs. Your adoption coordinator works with families looking to adopt, as well, so they will have a wide range of information on each family so that you can make the decision as carefully as possible. This way, you choose a family with a lifestyle that you feel most comfortable placing your child into. 

These are the four general steps towards a successful adoption process. Knowing what they are can help you go through the difficult process with a bit more ease and a clearer mind. Talk to a counselor about placing a baby for adoption for more information.